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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I allowed to pass through the tunnel on my bike, moped or in my microcar?

    Bikes are not allowed on the route or in de tunnel. You can get a hefty fine for this. If you want to take your bicycle, moped or microcar to the other side, this is possible with public transport company Connexxion. You can also take your bicycle or moped on the Westerschelde Ferry.

  • Questions about your t-tag?

    Movenience is the company behind the t-tag and m-tag and is a subsidiary of the N.V. Westerscheldetunnel, based in Goes. They can answer all your questions related to the t-tag and m-tag. Movenience is also in charge of the customer service of the N.V. Westerscheldetunnel. More information about the t-tag and m-tag.

  • How are vehicles classified in order to determine the rates?

    The height and width of the entire vehicle determine the class it is in. Mirrors, (dish) aerials, trailers,  load, flashing lights, cooling systems and the like are included in the measurement. Only bicycles on a roof-mounted rack are not included. The height limit between the categories is 3 metres. The length limit is between 6 and 12 metres. View the classification table.

  • What is the difference in rates between motorhomes and cars towing a caravan?

    The four separate toll classes are determined by the height and length of the vehicles. The height and length of the entire vehicle determine whether they belong in Class 1, 2, 3 or 4. If its height is less than 3 metres, your vehicle belongs in Class 1 or 2. A private car towing a caravan belongs in Class 2. Some motorhomes belong in Class 1 (shorter than 6 metres and lower than 3 metres). In addition, there are motorhomes that belong in Class 2 (lower than 3 metres and longer than 6 metres). Finally, there are motorhomes (typically with a sleeping space on top) that belong in Class 3 (higher than 3 metres). This last class of motorhomes will pay more than a car towing a caravan.

Frequently Asked Questions


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