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Standard T-Tag Frequent user discount
  • Cat. 1
    Width < 6 meter and height < 3 meter
    € 5,00 Standard € 3,00 T-Tag € 2,50 Frequent user discount
  • cat. 2
    Width > 6 meter and height < 3 meter
    € 7,45 Standard € 4,50 T-Tag € 3,75 Frequent user discount
  • cat. 3
    Width < 12 meter and height > 3 meter
    € 18,20 Standard € 11,00 T-Tag € 9,10 Frequent user discount
  • cat. 4
    Width > 12 meter and height > 3 meter
    € 25,00 Standard € 15,00 T-Tag € 12,50 Frequent user discount
  • cat. 5
    Motorcycles through the check-out lane
    € 2,50 Standard € 2,00 T-Tag € 1,50 Frequent user discount

What are the class criteria?

The class a vehicle is in is determined by its height and width. Mirrors, (dish) aerials, trailers, load, flashing lights, cooling systems and the like are included in the measurement. Only bicycles on a roof-mounted rack are not included. The height limit between the classes is 3 metres. The width limit is at 6 and 12 metres.

Class 5 only applies to motorcycles that pass through the check-out lane.

If you use the Westerschelde Tunnel on a regular basis, you can use a t-tag. This is a compact device that you can place on the inside of your windscreen that allows you to pass through the toll gates without stopping, 24/7. With the t-tag, you get a fixed discount for each passage and the toll due is automatically deducted from your account.

Subscribers will get an extra discount if they pass through the Westerschelde Tunnel more than 150 times a year with their t-tag. This Frequent User Discount is an additional 20% discount on the t-tag. The Frequent User Discount:

  • applies as from the 151st passage
  • starts from zero each calendar year
  • is deducted for each single passage
  • applies to each separate t-tag
  • applies to all classes


Linda drives through the tunnel for the 151st time by car and with the same t-tag. The normal Class 1 t-tag rate is € 3.00. With the Frequent User Discount Linda now only pays € 2.50. The total discount by comparison with the normal charge of € 5.00 for Class 1 is € 2.50.

John drives through the tunnel 150 times with the same t-tag in his lorry and his car. The 151st time, he tows a caravan. That means he belongs in Class 2. Thanks to the Frequent User Discount, he pays € 3.75 instead of € 4.50. The next time he is driving his lorry again with the same t-tag. He then gets the Class 3 Frequent User Discount and is consequently pays € 9.10 instead of € 11.00.