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With a t-tag fixed to your windscreen, you no longer need to stop at the checkout to pay. Your t-tag will be scanned automatically when you pass through the special t-tag lanes; the barrier will go up and you can drive through. The toll charge due will immediately be deducted from your account. Fast and simple. You will, moreover, get a nice discount on the toll charges, and use of the t-tag is free of charge. You only need to pay the toll charge due by means of a prepaid balance. The t-tag is not linked to one vehicle and can thus be used for more than one, and different types of vehicles.

Subscribers who pass through the Westerschelde Tunnel with their t-tag over 150 times per calendar year will get an extra discount. This Frequent User Discount:

  • is applicable from the 151st passage
  • starts at zero with each calendar year
  • is deducted for each passage
  • applies per t-tag
  • applies to all classes
Scannen m-tag bij tolgaarder in kassalaan

The m-tag is a variant of the t-tag and is intended for motorcyclists who regularly use the Westerscheldetunnel and prefer to pass through the tollgates as comfortably as possible. Motorcyclists with an m-tag do not have to search their pockets for small change or for the less user-friendly t-tag. A toll collector in the checkout lanes scans the card and the toll charge is automatically deducted from the user’s account. With the m-tag the  Frequent User Discount applies after the 151st passage as well.

t-tag in box

Applications for a subscription are processed by Movenience. You can apply for a t-tag or m-tag online or send an email to info@movenience.nl. They can also be reached by phone on 0900-4488666. People calling from abroad dial +31 113 760001. The customer service can be reached on work days from 08.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Movenience, the company behind t-tag and m-tag, is a subsidiary of N.V. Westerscheldetunnel and is based in Goes. They can answer all of your queries about the t-tag or m-tag. Movenience is also in charge of the customer service for the N.V. Westerscheldetunnel.