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There are a lot of procedures in terms of tunnel safety, for instance in European and Dutch legislation.

Procedures ensure uniformity

"Why is the tunnel always completely closed for the slavage of a broken down vehicle? That's a question regularly heared from customers. The answer is simple. For safety. After all the N.V. Westerscheldetunnel has a responsibility to all stakeholders. Whether the tunnel users, our own employees or the emergency services. It's always safety first.

As a tunnel operator, I'm responsible for the safety, including monitoring and controling the technical installations in the tunnel. In European and national legislation a lot of safety issues are recorded. In addition we, at the N.V. Westerscheldetunnel, employ our own manual of procedures. This manual ensures that all tunnel operators act in the same way. It is an important part of the training of new operators. All tunnel operators are annually tested on their knowledge of those procedures.

Of course we do not only focus on safety. We also try to keep the inconvenience for our customer to a minimum. Availability and customer satisfaction are important aspects of our procedures. Your trip to the other side of the Westerschelde Tunnel should not only be safe but also fast and comfortable".

Jacqueline de Vos, tunnel operator